LUCA MARINI (1982) is a German/Italian drummer who studied music at conservatories in Paris, Montreal, Amsterdam and New York, and continued to develop his own method and techniques while living in Berlin. Due to this diversity in his personal history, his approach to music is distinguished by this fluency and ability, to move freely between and synthesize various styles. Utilizing the standard drum kit as a foundation, Luca incorporates traditional drum techniques, percussion, various preparations and electronics to achieve a wide spectrum of textures, timbres and sounds.

In the last 15 years he kept a busy schedule recording, performing and touring extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America playing a variety of musical genres, ranging from pop, rock, jazz and world music to baroque, electronic and experimental music.

He co-founded KM28 in 2018, an up and coming venue for contemporary and experimental music in Berlin, Germany.

His collaborations and projects include: Neoclassical pianist Lambert, electronic band Lumisokea, avant-pop artist Tatum Rush, the baroque ensemble Claudiana with Luca Pianca and Anna-Lucia Richter, free jazz guitarist Jasper Stadhouders, german artist AnnaVR, sound designer Koenraad Ecker, ambient musician Bram Stadhouders, german songwriter Philipp Dittberner, jazz guitarist Roberto Pianca, slovenian pianist Kaja Draksler and the kurdish rock band Adirjam.